About Us


VIGYAN VICHAKSHAN JAIN BALAMANDIR was inaugurated in the year 1970 with classes LKG & UKG in a rented building in Vaithyarama Iyer Street, SHRI KEWAL CHAND KHATOD gave first donation for the school. The school was named after VENERABLE JAIN SADHAVIS VIGYANSHRIJI and VICHEKSHAN SHRIJI.Tth Samaj purchased a building in Pondy Bazaar; School was inaugurated on 10 June 1977 by the eminent educationist Kulpathi Sri Bala Krishna Joshi and functioned for the first year in the same premises.

SHRI KEWAL CHAND KHATOD came forward and offered another donation for primary school. Shri Vigyan Vichakshan Jain Bala Mandir Smt.Tumkubai Kewal Chand primary th school building was inaugurated on 25 June 1978 by Shri R. Bhawarmal Bothra who also gave donation. In the year 1989 six rooms were added in the 2 floor. Again in the year 1999, ten more rooms were built in the primary block satisfying the long felt need.

Alandur Mootha Brothers Shr i MADANRAJ Shri UGAM RAJ and SHRI MAHAVEER CHAND Mootha came forward and donated nearly 7 grounds of land in Brindavan Street, West Mamblam to start Girls School. The foundation stone for high School Building was laid by SHRI M.LALCHAND JAIN on 15TH December 1977.The School building consisting of four floors and 19 rooms were completed in a record time of six months due to tireless efforts of SHRI S.SUGANMAL JAIN to collect funds a vigorous drive was launched under the leadership of SHRI KUSHAL CHAND GALADA. The new building was declared open by his Excellency THE GOVERNER OF TAMILNADU and SHRI PRABHUDAS PATWARI on 25TH June 1978. All this was done under guidence of Shri C L Metha. The name of the School was kept SHRI BIJAIRAJ SAJJANRAJ MOOTHA GIRLS SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL. Today 3300 Girls are studying in the school.


A new Block with 15 rooms and 2 storeys were built during the year 1992 – 1993. This block was inaugurated by Shri R. Venkataraman, Former President of India on 13th June 1993. Rakhecha Family gave hand some donation for this block.


Adjoining land of 1.5 grounds was purchased in the year. Basement and four floors with 25 rooms were constructed. The block is named as SUMATHI VISHAL JAIN BLOCK to honour Pujya Shri Sumathi Prakashji and Pujyar Dr. Shri Vishal Muniji Maharasaheb. Donation for this block was given by Shri Sumathi Vishal Book Bank.


In the year 2003-2004, a new administrative block with 3 floors was built to accommodate a spacious library, English laboratory, conference room and language rooms. Brothers Shri VIJAY KUMAR and JAY KUMAR Nahar came forward, gave good donation, and the block has been named as Smt. SUWADEVI JUMARMAL NAHAR BLOCK. It was inaugurated by Shri FATEHCHAND DUGAR


Technology Aided Learning is the buzz word in our school. To cater to its ever increasing demand, a 3500 Sq. ft. air conditioned TAL Auditorium fitted with LCD Projector and Audio System, and an enhanced Computer laboratory with 40 computers of latest model were built. Shri Dinesh Bhandari, Girish Bhandari and brothers Came Forward and donated handsome amount and TAL Auditorium was named as Smt. TARAMANI JAWANTHRAJ BHANDARI TAL CENTRE.

Auditorium was inaugurated by Shri Prakashmal Bhandar. The “Smart Class Programme”, commenced in the academic year 2003-04, through 5 Technology Enabled Classrooms (TEC). At present the Classrooms have interactive white board. The dynamic and progressive management has thus empowered the teachers with technology, right inside the classroom and access to a host of resources from the Knowledge Centre to which it is connected. The three science laboratories have been refurnished to the ISO standard in the year 2010-2011. The Mathematics laboratory, established in June 2004, as per the directive of CBSE is a boon for all the students, as it helps in understanding and comprehending the most difficult concepts in Maths, using the activity method.

We have a complete, end to end school management system at our school to ensure that our resources are utilized to the maximum. The school is the result of the untiring efforts of Sri Rajasthani Jain Samaj Educational Trust and the number of donors who have donated generously and we are sure that we will continue to receive their support. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education vide CBSE / AI / OSI / 89 / 38246 with effect from 1-5-79).

We now have over 3300 students and well experienced and qualified faculty. We maintain very high standards and provide ‘Quality Education’ in the true sense of the word.

Our vision is to impart, “Education for life, Education for growth and Evolution, and Education of the Heart, to bring about an inner transformation and blossoming of a perfect divinized human being” We continue to work together towards this end.